Fruition – a Special Woodstock Chocolate Store

Angel 3When you walk in the space, Fruition feels like it’s been there forever.   Even though it only opened last  April.  Somehow, Fruition belongs in this town, in this building which it shares  with Jarita’s Florist.

Each day in Fruition is different from the last.  The chocolate bars are different.  The sample flavors are different  because it takes about 10 days to make a batch of candy bars.    For one thing, they are handmade in small batches using only organic, fair trade cacao beans  personally selected by Bryan and Dahlia ….. These beans come from Peru, Ecuador, Trinidad, Dominican Republic.

The beans come directly from the farm to Fruition with no stop along the way for e processing by anyone else.  Even though the cacao is imported, the other ingredients, fruit, maple syrup, honey, spirits, dairy are sourced locally.

Each candy bar is signed by Bryan.

Brown Butter Bourbon Caramels

Hazelnut Gianduja Truffle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sourdough Truffles

Crystalized Ginger with Matcha Couverture

On the shelf recently  were certificates explaining the awards Fruition has received:

Milk Chocolate Bars with an Infusion

Plain Milk Chocolate Bars

Toasted White Chocolate

Strawberry and Toasted Cashew Guindija

On another shelf I saw over a dozen different candy bars assembled in a Curated Craft Chocolate Collection.  These bars, jewels all, are chocolates that Bryan and Dahlia have found in their travels throughout the world

But, not all of the chocolate found in Fruition is in a bar.  The hot chocolate mix comes in a beautiful tin as do the chocolate covered cranberries.

The Chocolate Tasting Party kit comes in a box.

Small jars of pink Peruvian Sea Salt are found on another shelf.

Do you love chocolate?  If so, visit this store…unlike any other you’ll find anywhere else.  It’s dedicated to the results of a search for the very best cacao beans on the planet.    The final product is a spiritual experience for the consumer.  

Thanks for reading this blog.  The stories are true.  The people are real.

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Thurman Greco